This page lists all the useful places on Internet that helped me improve my Japanese / Kyudo / yumi making. So lets start:

Japanese links: – my main resource for learning Japanese. – cracking site! Have a look. – hiragana drag and drop exercise. Can you beat 2:00 mins? – online shop with great Japanese made books for learning the language. – all kanji in searchable database – great resource. – one of the best translators (Japanese <–> English) I’ve ever tried. Very accurate, natural translations, and also great for speech recognition.

Kyudo links: – archery shop in Tokyo where I buy the equipment / resources. – another Kyudo shop from Japan, sells online / ships to Europe. – great blog about Kyudo, from Japanese perspective (but in English). – another great blog about Kyudo and Japan, in English – Kyudo blog in Japanese – Kyudo blog in Japanese for Japanese (difficult language, but many images) – Dan and Jackie DeProspero website, with tons of useful material. – Issui bow making workshop website, has plenty of interesting articles about Kyudo and bows. – All Nippon Kyudo Federation official website. – a movie that won’t teach you much about Kyudo, but is still very well done and is focusing on capturing the mindset, feeling, more that dry facts.  – the official guidance of Kyudo part 1 (there are more parts. It is in Japanese but hey – it’s a video so you’ll get the point). – this looks a bit expensive – DVD set from a renown Kyudo master Masubuchi Atsushihito. great blog about Kyudo – only in Japanese. – plenty of interesting articles and a shop as well. – yumi society, kind of a portal with interesting links and (probably) some relevant information. Japanese only. – great blog about Kyudo. Japanese only.

Yumi making links: – my main resource, a detailed, but simple, step by step instruction about making Japanese bow in traditional way. Courtesy of Shibata sensei. – Shibata Kanjuro sensei blog about traditional Japanese bow making. Plenty of articles, many photos, and information I wasn’t able to find anywhere else. – bamboo suppliers in Ireland (if you’re thinking on trying to make a yumi yourself). – wood database. Great resource for comparing / researching suitable wood-ish materials. As it is using the same nomenclature it is easy to compare properties of different wood types. – Yokohama yumi makers website – another Yokohama yumi makers website – Traditional Archery Books, home of the co-author / publisher of the Traditional Bowyer’s Bible – great reference for composition, history and materials used for yumi bow, in Japanese – this is an annual workshop in Germany where Shibata Sensei demonstrates how to make a yumi bow. Participants make their own bow and leave with (hopefully working) yumi. Great stuff, but pricey. – small nugget of information, yumi parts explained (Japanese). As usual with Japanese illustrations, they are very lean and seem simplistic but have a great accuracy and detail – for example, you can see the finishing of the edges of the face planks, bamboo fibers thickness variation (closer to the face), burned sides of core bamboo strips, and how they are oriented in the core. – GREAT study of an ideal bow, plenty of details and data that is hard to find. Really good. – another nugget from ecoecoman – this time it is the naming of all components of the yumi. Simple but great. – very nice and well documented build along of a yumi bow – large resource of Kyudo, yumi and who knows else -I have not read it all, it is in Japanese so it takes a lot of time. But there are some really good insights there, definitively worth checking. – arrow making tutorial, 1 of 3 (other two videos are on a side). – presentation of Japanese bamboo saws – a video showing a mix of yumi making and Kyudo. There are other videos linked in the description. – video showing finishing / stamping the yumi once it is done. – long and informative video, one of four videos that show one session of gluing a yumi. – video showing haridai (fixture for shaping the yumi) – video showing Shibata Sensei at work – overview of yumi making – video showing how to work with bamboo / make yumi (what tool is used to shave the plank?) – video showing how to replace the rattan wrapping – methods for drying and finishing bamboo – industrial methods for drying bamboo – heat treating a bow. Only the belly – compressing side. Heat treating increases compression. – tonnes of info on bamboo. In English! – in-depth study of bamboo properies. As it focuses on comparing two species of bamboo, it defines many properties of moso bamboo (the one I use for yumi making). Plenty of science here. – only for the patient / hardcore / desperate – how to grow you own bamboo. Not sure how I ended up with this link… – another scientific study of bamboo properties. Always check the references  for plenty of useful links. Then check the references again. And again… – “great list of bow woods” – fantastic overview of species that are good for bows, in Polish. – how to finish wood – overview of options and suitable solutions. – page with links to videos showing Japanese woodworking methods – not specifically bow making, but useful for learning how to use the Japanese tools, and what methods are available.

I’ll add more when I find something interesting.


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